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If this insert is showing on the website it means that Christmas is almost with us. One of the ways we try to fund the ongoing development of the site is to request our visitors use the links on the site to internet shopping portals where we receive a small commission for any sales that are made.  

The important message to get across is that you don’t have to buy a product that is related to this website. While you may very well want a new DAB radio, or to buy radio dramas that have been released for sale, if you just want to spend a few pounds on a book, CD or other gift than as long as you visit the on-line shop using one of our links we will get credit.

We do understand that Christmas can be an expensive time and each year it seems we are spending more and more. Perhaps the time will come when some people will take an equity release loan just to make sure they can finance the holiday.

From our perspective it’s not what you spend nor about presents or eating so much that you can’t stand up – although you can enjoy these things if you wish. We would just like to wish all our visitors a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

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