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All Gas And Gaiters
Radio Series Log by Ian Beard
First Uploaded November 18 2001
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           Jonathan Cecil

Created and written by Edwin Apps and Pauline Devaney, from their successful BBC TV series. All 33 episodes were adapted for radio and broadcast in a series of 13 in 1971, followed by a series of 20 in 1972. Series One featured Derek Nimmo in his television role, but he was unavailable for Series Two, and the part of Noote was played by Jonathan Cecil.

Mervyn Noote........Derek Nimmo (Series One)
Mervyn Noote........Jonathan Cecil (Series Two)
The Bishop........William Mervyn
The Archdeacon........Robertson Hare
 The Dean ......John Barron

Radio Episode Listing

Series One
R4; Tuesdays

1/1 05-01-71 The Bishop Rides Again
1/2 12-01-71 The Bishop Writes A Sermon 
1/3 19-01-71 The Bishop Meets A Bird
1/4 26-01-71 The Bishop Turns To Crime
1/5 02-02-71 The Bishop Sees A Ghost
1/6 09-02-71 Only Three Can Play
1/7 16-02-71 The Dean Goes Primitive
1/8 23-02-71 The Bishop Gets A Letter
1/9 02-03-71 The Bishop Gives A Party
1/10 09-03-71 The Bishop Goes To Town
1/11 16-03-71 Give A Dog A Bad Name
1/12 23-03-71 The Bishop Gives A Shove
1/13 30-03-71 The Bishop Pays A Visit
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Series Two

R4; Mondays
2/1 24-07-72 The Bishop Learns The Facts 
2/2 31-07-72 TB Takes A Holiday
2/3 07-08-72 TB Buys A Car
2/4 14-08-72 TB Gets The Sack
2/5 21-08-72 TB Has A Flutter
2/6 28-08-72 The Affair At Cookham Lock
2/7 04-09-72 TB Loves His Neighbour
2/8 11-09-72 TB Beats The System
2/9 18-09-72 TB Entertains
2/10 25-09-72 TB Gains A Reputation
2/11 02-10-72 TB Buys A Mug
2/12 09-10-72 TB Loses His Chaplain
2/13 16-10-72 When In Rome...
2/14 23-10-72 TB Is Hospitable
2/15 30-10-72 TB Gives A Present
2/16 06-11-72 TB Takes Up Business
2/17 13-11-72 TB Keeps His Diary
2/18 20-11-72 TB Warms Up
2/19 27-11-72 TB Shows His Loyalty
2/20 04-12-72 TB Has A Rest

                         NOTE: TB substitutes for The Bishop in the Series Two listing.

Derek Nimmo 
I don't currently know what the BBC's holdings of the Radio Series are. BBC Radio Collection have issued one set of 4 episodes, as indicated by purple.
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