Lord Peter Wimsey on Television
Ian Carmichael
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Created by Dorothy L. Sayers.

During the 1970's and 80's, the BBC produced two series for television.
The well remembered Seventies series is now seeing video release in NTSC and PAL formats from Acorn Media.  Check their site for details of release schedule.

This page is for anyone who enjoyed the radio series or some of the audiobooks and is looking for details of Ian Carmichael and Edward Petherbridge's (link above) television connection to the role.
Ian Carmichael - the star on both Television and radio; during 2001 all 5 titles have been released on VHS, and some on DVD. These are available in different packaging in the UK & US.

Clouds of Witness
Broadcast from April 5 1972
5 X 45 minutes
adapted by Anthony Steven
directed by Hugh David
produced by Richard Beynon
Anthony Ainley
Mark Eden
Noel Coleman
Petronella Ford
Rachel Herbert
Glyn Houston
David Langton
Charles Hodgson
Kate O'Mara
Lord Peter and Bunter (Glyn Houston)

Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
German cover Busman's Honeymoon
Broadcast from February 1 1973
4 X 45 minutes
adapted by John Bowen
directed by Ronald Wilson
produced by Richard Beynon
Terence Alexander
Mark Eden
Phyllida Law
Anna Cropper
John Welsh
Clifford Rose
Derek Newark
John Quentin
Vivien Heilbron
Investigations at the autopsy of General Fentiman 
Murbles and Pritchard, played by John Welsh and Clifford Rose. below left
Dr. Penberthy (Donald Pickering) and Lord Peter below right

<=German book cover for "Busman's Honeymoon" using a photo from the series.

Mervyn Bunter (Derek Newark).=>

Murder Must Advertise
Broadcast from November 30 1973
4 X 50 minutes
adapted by Bill Craig
directed by Rodney Bennett
produced by Richard Beynon
Robin Bailey
Mark Eden
Peter Bowles
Paul Darrow
Rachel Herbert
Bridget Armstrong
Fiona Walker
John Hallam
Christopher Timothy
<=Parker (Mark Eden) and Lord Peter check through the mountains of phone books looking for a clue.

Above L to R - Mr. Armstrong (Robin Bailey); Miss Parton (Caroline Dowdeswell) and Miss Rossiter (Shirley Cain) enjoy tea with Mr. Bredon.
<=Dian de Momerie (Bridget Armstrong) and Major Milligan (Peter Bowles) enjoy a party.

The Nine Tailors
Broadcast from April 22 1974
4 X 50 minutes
adapted by Anthony Steven
directed by Raymond Menmuir
produced by Richard Beynon
Glyn Houston
Mark Eden
Donald Eccles
Keith Drinkel
Neil McCarthy
David Jackson
Elizabeth Bradley
Gail Harrison
Robin Wentworth
<= A cipher based on the patterns of the bellringers changes is cracked by Lord Peter and the Reverend Venables (Donald Eccles).

A "flashback" to the trenches during the Great War for Mervyn Bunter (Glyn Houston).

The Five Red Herrings
Broadcast from July 23 1975
4 X 50 minutes
adapted by Anthony Steven
directed by Robert Tronson
produced by Bill Sellars
Russell Hunter
Glyn Houston
John Junkin
David McKail
Ian Ireland
Donald Douglas
Michael Elder
Robert James
David Rintoul
<=Lord Peter contemplates one of Ferguson's (David McKail) paintings.

Ian Carmichael - still a popular image of Lord Peter Wimsey - as these German book covers, using stills from the series attest. L to R
Murder Must Advertise, Gaudy Night, Lord Peter Views the Body, Whose Body

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