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L to R Andrew Cruickshank, Barbara Mullen, Bill SimpsonDoctor Finlay's Casebook became one of the most popular TV series of the 1960s.  Running on BBC television from August 1962 to January 1971, clocking up 191 episodes in the process. It's popularity helped to make household names of stars Andrew Cruickshank, Barbara Mullen and Bill Simpson. The characters and settings were created by A.J. Cronin, in a number of short stories based on his own experience as a doctor, and his autobiography "Adventures in Two Worlds".

Arden House in the fictional TannochbraeThe BBC series was based around "Arden House" in the fictional town of Tannochbrae, where the young, idealist Doctor Finlay (Simpson) joins the crusty, older Doctor Cameron (Cruickshank) in medical practice. The other vital member of the household was the housekeeper Janet (Barbara Mullen). The difference in attitudes and "generation" were used as the basis for many stories, and the resolution to such stories usually saw the residents of Arden House learning something new from each other.
L to R Bill Simpson, Barbara Mullen, Andrew CruickshankAs the series neared the end of it's run on television, it debuted on BBC Radio 4 in March 1970. Many of the writers adapted there own 50 minute television scripts into 30 minute radio episodes, and experienced series writers Pat Dunlop and Donald Bull adapted many by other writers.

104 episodes were adapted over six series, up to the final television script "The Burgess Ticket" broadcast on Radio 4 in February 1975.

From "The Head of the Practice" (the first episode of Series Seven) in August 1976 till the final episode "Going Home" in December 1978 another 40 episodes were created, with Donald Bull writing 26 of them.

Many actors who had featured in the television series also appeared on radio. Regular cast member Eric Woodburn as Doctor Snoddie, and Anthony Valentine, Hannah Gordon, John Laurie, Patrick Troughton are just a few.
The character's returned to television in 1993 when Scottish Television Enterprises revived the concept with Ian Bannen, Annette Crosbie and David Rintoul playing the parts of Cameron, Janet & Finlay respectively.

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