Maurice Denham, Bernard Hepton & Barry Foster as Insp. Maigret on BBC Radio.
Maigret on BBC Radio
First Upload March 2002

Created by Georges Simenon 
Maurice DenhamMichael GoughGeorges Simenon
Popular on television in the 1960s with Rupert Davies as Maigret in a BBC TV series, and again in the early 1990s with Michael Gambon as Maigret in a Granada TV series, the character has also featured on BBC Radio 4. In 1976 & 77 Maurice Denham starred in 19 episodes as Maigret, with Michael Gough acting as narrator, in the character of Georges Simenon. Seven years later, for Saturday Night Theatre, Denham returned to the role in Maigret and the Millionaires. There have been two further productions with Bernard Hepton & Barry Foster both playing Maigret.
Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4.
Radio Episode Guide - Denham
Radio Episode Guide - Specials
BBC Radio Collection Guide


Radio Episodes Guide
Maurice Denham as Maigret, & Michael Gough as Simenon.
All episodes Broadcast Radio 4.
All episodes 45 minutes, except Maigret and the Millionaires which was 75 minutes.
Blue indicates a BBC Radio Collection issue.
(NOTE: Gough not present in Maigret and the Millionaires)
Series One
01 21-08-76 Maigret Goes Home 3
02 28-08-76 Maigret In Montmartre
03 04-09-76 Maigret Has Scruples
04 11-09-76 Maigret In Society
05 18-09-76 Maigret Sets a Trap 3
06 25-09-76 Maigret And The Young Girl
Series Two
07 29-05-77 Maigret And Monsieur Charles 1
08 05-06-77 Maigret And The Hundred Gibbets 1
09 12-06-77 Maigret Goes To School 2
10 19-06-77 Maigret's Boyhood Friend
11 26-06-77 Maigret At The Crossroads 3
12 03-07-77 Maigret Has Doubts 3
13 10-07-77 Maigret And The Madman Of Bergerac 1
14 17-07-77 Maigret And The Minister 1
15 24-07-77 Liberty Bar
16 31-07-77 Maigret And The Old Lady 2
17 07-08-77 Maigret Hesitates 2
18 14-08-77 Maigret Takes The Waters
19 21-08-77 The Patience Of Maigret 2
Saturday Night Theatre
20 05-05-84 Maigret And The Millionaires
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Radio Episodes Guide - Specials
Bernard Hepton as Maigret, (Maigret's Special Murder) & Barry Foster as Maigret, (Maigret's Christmas)
Maigret's Special Murder 90 minutes, Maigret's Christmas 45 minutes.
Saturday Night Theatre
22-03-86 Maigret's Special Murder
Afternoon Play
21-12-98 Maigret's Christmas
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Rupert Davies with Simenon

Maigret and the Minister
Maigret And The Minister
Maigret And The Hundred Gibbets
Maigret And Monsieur Charles
Maigret And The Madman Of Bergerac

First issued as Maigret in 1992, reissued as Maigret and the Minister in 1998.
Reissue (1 May, 1998)
BBC Audio (Spoken Word); ISBN: 0563409908

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Maigret Hesitates
Maigret Goes To School
Maigret And The Old Lady
Maigret Hesitates
The Patience Of Maigret

Originally issued  (8 May, 2000) 
BBC Audio (Spoken Word); ISBN: 0563553294

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Maigret Sets a Trap
Maigret Goes Home
Maigret Sets A Trap
Maigret At the Crossroads
Maigret Has Doubts

Originally issued  (4 June, 2001)
BBC Audio (Spoken Word); ISBN: 0563478403

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