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This Micro Site is not the work of the author of the Saturday Night Theatre Website.

For many years this site was an excellent resource for gathering information on many radio detective dramas.

It has been off line for some while now and very much missed. We welcome the opportunity of making it available again to existing and new users.

This site is reproduced as a tribute to the original author and full credit for the content of the site is down to them. If they would care to contact this site we will ensure they receive credit for their work.

The aim is to keep the look and feel of the original site. The only changes made are to fix any gaps to make the site more attractive inter-active where possible and make some of the formatting more appropriate for wide screen resolutions.

If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Dick Barton, Peter Wimsey and alike, and love listening to radio adaptations of their stores, we feel you will love this site.


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