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`Send for Paul Temple' (1946) 83 minutes.
Anthony Hulme (Paul Temple), Joy Shelton (Steve Trent), Tamara Desni (Diana Thornley), Jack Raine (Sir Graham Forbes), Beatrice Varley (Miss Marchmont)*, Hylton Allen (Doctor Milton), Marie O'Neill (Mrs Neddy), Phil Ray (Horace Daley), Olive Sloane (Ruby).

Hulme stars in the first, as the novelist "Sent for" by Scotland Yard to help solve several murders and try to find the leader of a gang of diamond thieves, "The Knave of Diamonds".
* The character is called Miss Parchment in the original.
Directed by John Argyle
Writing credits John Argyle & Francis Durbridge

`Calling Paul Temple' (1948) 92 minutes

Steve and Paul in Paul Temple's TriumphDinah Sheridan in 1950John Bentley (Paul Temple), Dinah Sheridan (Steve Temple), Margaretta Scott (Mrs Trevellyan), Abraham Sofaer (Dr. Kohima), Celia Lipton (Norma Rice), Jack Raine (Sir Graham Forbes), Alan Wheatley (Edward Lathom), Hugh Pryce (Wilfred Davies), Wally Patch (Spider Williams).

Bentley debuts as Paul Temple, and must track down the killer of the wealthy female patients of a nerve specialist.
Directed by Maclean Rogers
Writing credits; Francis Durbridge, A.R. Rawlinson & Kathleen Butler.
Noted as being based on a radio series Paul Temple and the Canterbury Case. April 4 2001 - Clarification - Stuart Monk informs me that this is a reference to Send for Paul Temple Again. The story which is also the basis for Paul Temple and the Alex Affair from 20 years later.

`Paul Temple's Triumph' (1950) 80 minutes

John Bentley (Paul Temple), Dinah Sheridan (Steve Temple), Jack Livesey (Sir Graham Forbes), Beatrice Varley (Mrs Weston), Barbara Couper (Mrs Morgan), Jenny Mathot (Jacqueline Giraud), Andrew Leigh (Prof. Hardwicke), Hugh Dempster (Oliver Ffollett), Bruce Seton (Bill Bryant), Ivan Samson (Maj. Murray).

Bentley & Sheridan return in the hunt for a missing scientist who has created a formula for a potential secret weapon, an espionage ring have the scientist and want the formula also.
Directed by Maclean Rogers
Writing credits A.R. Rawlinson

(based on the radio serial `News of Paul Temple' by Francis Durbridge)

Paul Temple's Triumph 1950
images from Paul Temple's Triumph

`Paul Temple Returns' (1952) 71 minutes

John BentleyJohn Bentley (Paul Temple), Patricia Dainton (Steve Temple), Valentine Dyall (Supt. Bradley), Christopher Lee (Sir Felix Reybourne), Ronald Leigh Hunt (Inspector Ross), Ben Williams (Roddy Carson), Grey Blake (Storey), Arthur Hill (Cranmer Guest), Peter Gawthorne (Sir Graham Forbes), Robert Urquhart (Slater), Dan Jackson (Sakki).

In Bentley's 3rd and last outing as Paul Temple, he is joined by Patricia Dainton as Steve.  Tracking a celebrated murderer, the climax takes place in a mansion full of snakes & solving the case also provides some very good publicity for his "real" job as a novelist.
Directed by Maclean Rogers
Writing credits Francis Durbridge
(based on the radio serial `Paul Temple Intervenes' by Francis Durbridge)

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