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[Note: Based on the book, so there may be slight differences to the original radio serial]
Produced with Hugh Morton and Bernadette Hodgson in 1938.

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1: `Chapters 1 - 4'.
    The story opens with a meeting at Scotland between the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police; Sir Graham Forbes, Chief Inspector Dale and Superintendent Harvey. The topic of conversation is a mysterious series of jewel robberies. The latest in the series has just occurred in Birmingham; Dale believes they are all unrelated, but Harvey is inclined to agree with Inspector Merritt (a local officer  - first on the scene in this case) who is of the opinion that there is a criminal organisation at work, and that this gang committed the earlier robberies. A nightwatchman has died after being chloroformed. He was semi conscious when Harvey arrived, and all he said was "the Green Finger..."
    It transpires that a suspect in the earlier robberies dying words were also "the Green Finger...". What is it? Sir Graham tells Dale and Harvey that this is something they must find out.
    Sir Graham is also out of sorts about a press campaign to the effect that Scotland Yard should `Send for Paul Temple'. While they agree that Temple helped them catch `old Tenworthy' - Sir Graham feels he is `...just an amateur criminologist...' and that he had a lot of luck in the Tenworthy affair, and got a lot of very good publicity for his novels. Sir Graham feels the Yard can handle the case, but realises that result must be achieved soon!
    Later: Paul Temple is entertaining two of his near neighbours, Dr Milton and his niece - the very attractive Diana Thornley at Bramley Lodge, Temple's home near Evesham. After dinner, conversation turns to the "Midland Mysteries" - Diana asks Temple what he thinks, and whether he believes the robberies are the work of an organised gang? He says if he was Scotland Yard he would... send for Paul Temple. The next thing - Pryce: Temple's manservant enters and says that Superintendent Harvey of Scotland Yard is here to see Paul Temple.
    Harvey enters (he knows Temple quite well) and says he is taking a short holiday and has booked into a local hotel. Dr Milton and Diana decide to leave (as Harvey obviously wants to talk to Temple) and it's getting late. After they are gone, Harvey thinks he has seen Milton before, Temple feels Harvey has probably seen a photograph as Milton has not been in the country long and is a retired specialist from Sydney.
    Harvey explains that his visit is unofficial, and wonders if Temple has any theories about the robberies, as the Yard aren't making any progress. Harvey outlines the case, and the obscure references to `The Green Finger'. This intrigues Temple. Harvey says he is staying at `The Little General' and Temple insists they go and collect his bags and for Harvey to be his guest at Bramley Lodge. Harvey accepts and they take Temple's car to `The Little General'. Paul waits in the Car while Harvey goes inside to collect his luggage. After a while Temple begins to wonder why Harvey is taking so long. He is just about to go inside when out rushes the innkeeper - Horace Daley. `My Gawd, it's awful...' he cries. 'What's happened?' asks Temple and Daley claims Harvey has shot himself.
    Temple investigates - Harvey is dead, it might be an accident or suicide. There appears no reason why he would have done it. The police surgeon is unavailable so Temple's neighbour Dr. Milton is called in. There is no suggestion of foul play, as only Daly and one guest - Miss Parchment are present in the inn. Miss Parchment appears innocent enough, and is on a tour looking at old English inns. She finds this inn particularly interesting as there has been one on the sight for over 500 years. Daly isn't very interested in this and says he has only been there for 6 months. Temple believed that the inn had only been there since 1800 and can't understand why it is called `The Little General' if has been there longer.  Miss Parchment explains that the inn was rebuilt in 1805 and renamed then. But it originally had a different name. `The Green Finger'.....

2: `Chapter 5 - 8'.
   Paul is taken back by the reference to `The Green Finger', and is now suspicious - partly of the ill at ease publican. The police and Dr Milton finally arrive. The Doctor is shocked to see Harvey in such a state after only meeting him a few hours before, he concludes that the Superintendent probably died instantly. The police interview Temple, Daly and Miss Parchment. Again, Daly comes across badly, and is quite aggressive.  The police check the premises for any intruders, and apart from a lot of pigeons in the courtyard, nothing is out of the ordinary, making suicide look the most likely explanation. The Sergeant feels he must report to Inspector Merritt about the strange circumstances in which a top Scotland Yard officer has died in his patch. Temple offers to give him a lift and they leave.
    The constable is detailed to wait outside the inn and prevent anyone entering, and Miss Parchment retires to her room to recover from the shock. Now left alone together - Daly and Dr Milton discuss what has happened. `I don't like it' says Horace... `don't be a damned fool... it's worked out perfectly' replies the doctor. They discuss the "Leamington job" and a meeting is arranged for Room 7 on the coming Thursday!
    Later: It transpires that Temple has had a meeting with Dale at Scotland Yard, and a newspaper has published an article stating Harvey had discussed the "Midlands Mysteries" with Temple shortly before his death..... Temple is now being beseiged by journalists. Pryce is instructed not to let any in. He reports that Miss Parchment has also called to see Temple, and a particularly persistent young female journalist - called Steve Trent, who won't take no for an answer. Temple isn't interested in seeing her no matter how persistent - however she arrives at Bramley Lodge, and as Pryce is trying to brush her off, Temple becomes intrigued enough to see her. Temple is very taken with the attractive reporter - however she has but one question she wants Temple to answer, and this makes him very uncomfortable. Does he think Superintendent Harvey killed himself? Finally he answers `No..... I think he was murdered!'
    This is the answer Miss Trent was hoping for, and she starts to open up to Paul. She says that while she is a journalist, her interest is actually personal..... Steve Trent is an alias, her real name being Louise Harvey - sister of the late Gerald Harvey. Temple is surprised as he'd didn't know Harvey had a sister. She tells how Harvey believed he was in danger, and that it dates back to when he and another officer in Cape Town (South Africa) investigated a criminal known as "The Knave of Diamonds" - real name Max Lorraine mastermind behind a number of jewel robberies and killings. Lorraine appeared to be a very intelligent man, who always managed to allude arrest. Harvey and his partner had many close calls on their lives - all of which they think were linked to their pursuit of Lorraine. Finally Harvey's partner was murdered. Now, years later in the English Midlands - Harvey saw the same pattern from the Cape Town days and was convinced that "The Knave" was alive and well and the mastermind behind these new crimes.
    Temple considers all Steve has told him, and believes it is all true. He asks if Harvey ever saw or met Max Lorraine? She replies `No! not once. But he knew his methods - he knew everything about him...... and he was afraid.' Harvey also passed what he knew to Steve the day before he died. Temple reminds Steve that she is probably in great danger. She is well aware of this, and wants Paul Temple to take on Max Lorraine! He laughs and says that Pryce had told him Miss Trent wouldn't take no for an answer.
   Elsewhere - the same afternoon:
A meeting in Room 7 of `The Little General'. Present: Dr Milton, Horace Daley, `Skid' Tyler, and Dixie. Four members of the `Midland Gang'. They are discussing the details of their next robbery. Horace is grumbling, and wants to know who the Knave is, the doctor reassures him that he will find out in good time. It's a big job and the Knave seems to have inside information.
    Paul and Steve next meet up at Bramley Lodge, and Paul having had time to think things through believes Steve should tell Sir Graham all she knows about Max Lorraine. She isn't so certain, feeling Sir Graham won't believe the story. Temple says that he thinks Sir Graham will believe the story and that he can prove that Harvey was murdered and didn't commit suicide. They discuss the information Miss Parchment provided about the former name of `The Little General' inn, and in light of the previous references to `The Green Finger' - agree that the inn may well be a meeting place for the gang. Temple tells Steve that Merritt is keeping an eye on the place and will let him know if anything happens. The phone rings - it is Dale speaking on behalf of the commisioner, according to Temple they have decided to send for Paul Temple!

3: `Chapter 9 - 12'.
    The gang are in Royal Leamington Spa - Diana acts as a decoy - and a van is driven into a shop window. All distractions which help the robbery go off without any problems.
    Steve is now spending a lot of time in Paul's company at Bramley Lodge - She is still working on articles for The Evening Post (she reveals that she was behind the Send for Paul Temple campaign). Temple intends to take Steve to his meeting with Sir Graham, but she must return to London in the meantime.
    Temple has a visit from Merritt - he tells Merritt of Steve's real identity, and he is equally surprised. Merritt believe's that there is something very suspicious about `The Little General'; reporting that a character called Skid Tyler has been seen there. Merritt has checked up on Miss Parchment and believes she is quiet harmless. Temple states that he can't help feeling that somehow she fits into the whole business. A phone call comes through for Merritt reporting the jewel robbery in Leamington. Merritt tells Temple about the lorry crashing into a shop window, Temple asks Merritt to tell them to hold the lorry driver, because he believes it will be Skid Tyler.
    The meeting takes place at Scotland Yard: Steve tells Sir Graham the full story of "The Knave of Diamonds" - Max Lorraine. Sir Graham is intrigued but not totally convinced that this is who is responsible for all the robberies. Temple says he thinks the story is totally true, as Harvey was convinced and he was no fool. Paul states that he believes Harvey was murdered... Sir Graham asks why? Temple replies that he was shot in a position in which he would have had to be a contortionist. Sir Graham then states that the Yard believed from the first that Harvey was murdered..... and how surprised he is that the doctor didn't spot it.
    Dale enters and tells Sir Graham that Inspector Merritt has arrived with Skid Tyler for interrogation. Skid is easily frightened, and Temple tells him he's been left holding the baby. He starts to crack under the pressure, and gives up saying he will talk but needs a drink first. Sir Graham obliges and pours him a brandy. Skid admits that the gang is run by the "Knave of Diamonds", and drinks the brandy. He is about to continue but is seized in a fit... collapses and dies. Something in the glass?? Merritt announces that it contains enough poison to kill a regiment. Sir Graham is shocked that a new bottle in his office could somehow have poison in it. Temple is of the opinion that the intended victim was Sir Graham, not Tyler. This poses even more questions. Steve now leaves, knowing she has one of the best stories she will ever get.
    More evidence comes out about the girl at Leamington - who wore a small black wristlet watch. This suggests something to Temple. Temple also suggests to Sir Graham that they arrange to setup a jeweller as a target for the gang. He knows someone in the trade who would cooperate to help stop the gang. He will arrange it all - but it must be handled carefully and kept secret.

4: `Chapter 13 - 16'.
    Paul visits Steve at her flat in London. While there her char woman, Mrs Neddy brings in a parcel for Steve. It is a gramophone record - but no name as to who sent it. She opens it and the label says `to Louise Harvey From the Knave of Diamonds'. Steve is about to play it, but Paul stops her. He believes somehow it is a trap, as Lorraine could just as easily sent a note. Paul believes there is nothing on the record, and asks about the gramophone.... Steve admits that she has only just noticed it is in a slightly different position to usual. Paul engages the tone arm (while standing to one side of the radiogram) and the sound of a gun shot echoes around the room. A gun has been placed in such a position in a speaker recess, that anyone standing in front to put a record on would have been shot. Steve has had a narrow escape!
It appears that only 4 people know Steve's real name: the newspaper proprietor, Sir Graham, Temple - and as Temple tells her, Merritt who he has told. Could one of them be the Knave?
    At Dr Milton's house, the doctor and Diana are discussing a meeting Diana was supposed to have in London with the Knave. He never turned up - and she is worried as they know the police have Skid in custody. They receive a visit from Snow Williams (another member of the gang), he thinks something is in the wind, and believes Skid will talk. The phone rings - it's Max Lorraine. He tells them of the demise of Skid, to much general relief. The Knave also has news of their next jewel robbery, to take place at a jewellers in Nottingham, and a request for Dr Milton. Take care of Paul Temple! The doctor is more than confident of carrying out this order.
    Paul and Steve are at Bramley Lodge and receive a visit from Paul's friend - jeweller Alec Rice. The stunt has worked and they have had many enquiries to see the diamond. One from a very attractive young woman. By description and the fact that she is wearing a particular type of wristlet watch, Paul realises it is definitely his neighbour, Diana Thornley! They decided to take the bull by the horns and visit Dr Milton. At his house, neither the doctor or Diana are home, they are led into a study to wait and are left alone. They examine the room, and Steve touches an ornament that reveals a secret room. They enter and the panel slides shut. It is actually a lift and starts desending.

5: `Chapter 17 - 20'.
    When they reach the bottom they have no difficulty getting out. Luckily, Paul has bought an electric torch with him. They enter a passage way and start searching. Eventually they see an oil lamp. Steve has the idea that the passage leads to `The Little General', and is proven right. They hear voices, and creep towards a staircase that leads to a door through the door they hear the gang discussing plans. Horace is moaning as usual, and unhappy about the demise of Skid. Milton outlines the jewel robbery, but now says that it's off as the Knave knows it is a trap. It is explained that Temple suggested the trap, and the general opinion is he needs to be dealt with. Dr Milton states that he will be taken care of very soon. Temple and Steve hear the details of the next meeting in Room 7 at which the Knave will be present! and beat a hasty retreat back to Milton's house. They have no trouble getting the lift to go up, and return to the room. They close the panel and decide to leave the house, they ring for the servant and are shown out, it appears no one knows what they have been up to. As they walk back to Bramley Lodge, Paul tries to convince Steve to go into hiding, but she won't have a bar of it, wanting to face Max Lorraine. Steve also tells Paul that the name of Harvey's partner in Cape Town was Sydney Bellman, Paul seems to have some idea about this.
    Paul returns to Scotland Yard, bringing Sir Graham up to date with his adventures under Ashdown House, and Alec Rice's visit. Temple also tells Sir Graham that the Knave knows all their plans. The Commisioner can't believe it, but Temple says it quite simple, he knows because he is here! Sir Graham can't believe it is a member of the force, be he has to admit that the facts point to no other conclusion. It is decided to raid `The Little General' at the organised meeting, he details Dale to arrange matters. He also suggests that both he and Paul Temple should be on hand to see the Knave unmasked.
    The following evening at Bramley Lodge, Temple, Sir Graham and Inspector Dale discuss the raid. All is organised, and some of the men are armed. They will raid Milton's house and `The Little General' at the same time. After Dale leaves to coordinate his troops, Sir Graham states that Dale is a very competent officer, although he has only been with the Yard for 12 months. They are discussing the evenings entertainment when Temple receives an unexpected visitor Mrs Neddy - Steve has vanished! She had been called in to work, but never arrived. Paul realises this means only one thing..... she must now be the prisoner of Max Lorraine.
    Temple and the Commisioner head to the inn, on the way, Sir Graham offers Temple an unofficial position with the Yard, he is delighted to accept and feels the arrangement should work well.
    They search the place, but it is empty... it appears to have been a wild goose chase. They hear a noise, it is Dale behind the wall, he has followed the passage from the doctor's house, which was also empty. But Dale has found a playing card - the Knave of diamonds - with a message: `Enter Paul Temple.... Exit Louise Harvey'!
    Another guest arrives, Inspector Merritt.. he wasn't part of the raid, but says he was looking for Temple and directed to `The Little General' by Pryce. He is surprised to see Sir Graham - and has only bad news, there has been another jewel robbery. This time in Malvern. Merritt also has a cable for Temple. It is from South Africa and says that Sydney Bellman didn't have a wife but had a sister. Temple wonders about this sister. They hear a knock at the panelling and a constable emerges saying he has a lady who insists on seeing Paul. The lady is Miss Amelia Parchment.

6: `Chapter 21 - 24'.
    Sir Graham is very surprised and suspicious when he sees Miss Parchment, Forbes and Dale return to Bramley Lodge, and Temple is left alone to question her and they seem to have come to many of the same conclusions. She didn't know that Steve Trent was Harvey's sister, and says she will help Temple in anyway she can. She is suspicious of Merritt, and asks Temple if the Police know her true identity? He says not, that he is the only one. She is greatly relieved.
She asks Paul if he knows why she is so interested in old English inns? He replies he does now after making enquiries into the Capetown - Simonstown robberies. That the "Knave of Diamonds" directed his plans from a group of inns all situated in the same area. He compliments Miss Parchment in recognising that Lorraine was using the same method in this country. She asks if Paul has heard of an inn called `The First Penguin'? He has, it's a small deserted inn 2 miles the other side of Evesham. Another strand in the gangs web!
    At `The First Penguin': Diana is waiting for the rest of the gang, Dr Milton arrives - he asks about `the Trent girl' and is told she is here - upstairs. Milton thinks this is silly, but Diana says it is the Chief's orders. The raid has gone off well, but Milton can smell a rat.... He thinks Lorraine and Diana are going to double cross him and the gang, and take all the money. He says he has a letter that will incriminate them if anything happens to him. She tells him that they have no intention of doublecrossing him..... but all the others will have to go.
    The doctor comes up with a nasty plan to dispose of the group, and Diana says that Lorraine will deal with Harvey's sister personally. They will then take off to Salzburg and lie low.
Milton states that Horace in fact was the one who shot Harvey, but that he himself still has a score to settle with Temple. His plan for his fellow gang members is to `add a little extra kick' to the whisky they are going to drink, and then push their bodies through a trapped door into the river, this being a riverside inn and the river running very high at the moment. Diana is in full agreement that this is a good plan.
    Dixie arrives first and is duly dealt with. Horace and Snow turn up together - and while Horace is out of the room (retrieving something from the car), Snow is given his drink and pushed into the river. Horace (who has been suspicious of the Milton and Diana all the time) returns and asks where Snow is? They tell Horace that he's upstairs talking to the girl. They keep trying to get Horace to drink the whisky, and while he takes it.... none of it passes his lips. They keep sweet talking Horace, but he pulls a gun on them, `why can't he hear Snow talking, if that's what he's doing'? He knows something is up. He now turns the tables on them, demanding they drink the whisky. Milton panics and refuses but Diana keeps her head, and says she'll drink it.. there's nothing wrong with it! This surprises Horace and while he's thinking she throws the drink in his eyes. This gives Milton just enough time to pull out his revolver and hit Horace over the head.
    They are about to dispose of Horace when they hear another car approach. It is Miss Parchment. As they don't have time to put Horace into the river, he is crammed into a cupboard. They think she must be a detective looking for Steve. Milton covers her with the gun when she enters and starts to interrogate her. Why is she at `The First Penguin'? Because she came to see a friend - Steve Trent is her answer. As they question her, Diana realises that this is a diversion. Too late!! Temple enters with a gun of his own. He has got in and set Steve free, and now has Milton and Diana as his prisoners. They tie the two of them to chairs. The telephone rings, they suspect it is Lorraine, but the caller hangs up when Temple answers. He calls the Exchange and has the call traced. It came from ..... Bramley Lodge!
    Paul tries to ring Pryce to see who is in the house, but the line is now out of order. Paul and Steve return to Bramley Lodge to find out who is there and leave Miss Parchment in charge of the prisoners, on the promise that they will get Forbes to send some men as soon as possible. They find a package that Horace had bought, containing jems, and as they leave - see a court yard full of pigeons, just as Temple had seen at `The Little General'. It suddenly occurs to Temple that they are carrier pigeons, and have played a vital part in Lorraine's schemes.

7: `Chapter 25 - 28'.
    Dr Milton is in a rage, and threatening Miss Parchment as to what he will do if she doesn't release them. Milton and Diana can't work out how Miss Parchment fits in to the scene. She reveals that she is the sister of Harvey's murdered partner in Cape Town - Sidney Bellman. She threatens that if they don't tell who the Knave is she will fire! The doctor is about to - much to Diana's disgust, when they hear a noise. It's Horace...... He has revived and over powers Miss Parchment, locking her in a cupboard.
    Daly can only think of the gems from the robbery - now in Temple's possession, and goes off after them - leaving Diana and Milton still tied up, despite them imploring that he free them.
    Steve explains to Paul (as they head to Bramley Lodge) how she was captures, and Paul explains about Miss Parchment and the fact that she knew about `The First Penguin'.
They realise that a car is now hot on their trail. Daly tries to run them off the road and fires several shots into Temple's car. On a bridge, Temple manages to tip Daly's car over the edge. Temple's car is too damaged to continue..... but they have survived. Daly however has been killed. Paul and Steve head off on foot.
They arrive at Bramley Lodge - and head to Pryce's quarters. Pryce tells them that 3 people have been in the house tonight. Sir Graham, Dale and Inspector Merritt have all been there. Pryce states that Merritt used the phone, but also that Dale and Merritt had gone out for a short time, leaving Sir Graham alone.
    Temple has a plan - one of the 3 must be Lorraine; Temple writes a message on a piece of paper and then leaves.

8: `Chapter 29 - 32'.
    Sir Graham, Dale and Merritt can't work out why Temple hasn't returned or at least phoned. They then notice that the phone wire has been cut! They are discussing this when there is a crash of breaking glass as a rock with a message comes through the window. The message:
Temple caught... First Penguin awaiting instructions... Malvern Pigeons despatched....
    They all appear perplexed by the message. They realise the pigeons at "the Little General' must be carrier pigeons - and that they have been used to get the gems out of the country. None of them can work out what or who the `First Penguin' is. All three leave the house and head off in different directions.
    Paul and Steve arrive at a local police station. Paul asks the Sergeant if he can watch `The First Penguin' and arrest anyone seen leaving it..... even if it's the Commisioner himself! He tells the Sergeant that he and his men should enter the inn when they see a light in an upper window.
    The Sergeant asks who he thinks will be visiting the inn? Temple replies `The Kanve of Diamonds!'
    Back at the inn - the two prisoners are still tied up, they hear a car and hope it's the Knave.... unfortunately for them, it's Paul Temple & Steve. He asks where Miss Parchment is, but they tell him that she has left. They gag both Diana and Milton and wait in the dark. Temple is expecting that the next guest will be the Knave himself - Max Lorraine. They don't have to wait long. He has understood the note, and come looking for Diana. Steve switches on the light and there is the Knave himself: Chief Inspector Dale!!
    Dale tries to bluff it out, then wonders why Diana sent the note? Realising too late that he had fallen into a trap set by Temple. The police enter - they have been joined by Forbes and Merritt. Temple has got a message to them. Sir Graham is in shock that a senior Yard man has turned out to be the Knave. Sir Graham asks Dale/Lorraine what happened to Skid Tyler? Lorraine admits it was a lucky accident! That the poison was in fact intended for Sir Graham himself. The police lead out Diana and Milton, Lorraine's last words to Diana are 'Remember what I always said... they won't take me'.
    Temple explains to Steve that he had been suspicious of Dale for sometime, Pryce had been mistaken about which two had left the house, it was Sir Graham and Merritt - leaving Dale alone in the house to make the phone call. They are discussing the case when Merritt returns with the news that Lorraine is dead. He had taken something from his cigarette lighter while in the car, poison of some sort. The case is over. Paul and Steve discuss meeting up in London for dinner or lunch or tea or breakfast..... Paul is making a poor job of it when Steve says `we could get married.' Paul is taken back... in an absolutely delighted way. That settles matters. Miss Parchment has recovered and starts banging on the cupboard and Temple releases her. When the details are explained to her she is most upset that she missed all the action.

Prepared  & pictures scanned by Greg Marshall.  24 September 2000.
Book Images from "Send for Paul Temple" (Chivers Press  edition 1992 - Black Dagger Crime Series).

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