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Paul Temple and the Madison Mystery
Originally produced with Kim Peacock and Marjorie Westbury in 1949, then remade with Peter Coke and Marjorie Westbury in 1955.

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The only known copy of this 8 X 30 minute serial was apparently lost in the post between Australia and the UK. For Temple fans here is a synopsis of the plot:

1: `A Penny for Your Thoughts'.
Paul and Steve are returning from New York on board a luxury liner. On board Paul meets millionaire Sam Portland. Portland says he is coming to London because his London rep Hubert Greene had telexed him with a story that a private eye called Madison had found information about Portland's past. Portland has amnesia. When 14 he was arrested in Portland Avenue by a cop called Kelly for jay walking. The boy could remember nothing about his past. In his pockets he has 3 dollars, a handkerchief, a pen and an English penny. Later Portland adopts the name of the street where he was found and is befriended by the cop Kelly. Portland eventually becomes a millionaire and employs Kelly's son George who is also aboard. Portland wears the penny on his watch chain.

    During the voyage Portland is found dead in the swimming pool - apparently from a heart attack. On reaching Southampton, Greene arrives and introduces himself to Temple. He knows nothing of Madison. He states the reason for Portland's trip is because of his wild daughter Moira. Kelly confirms this story. Back in Eaton Square Sir Graham Forbes arrives with a typed letter that had been posted to Inspector James. It warns that if Sam Portland visits England Portland will be murdered. They are then interrupted by the arrival of Greene who states that Sam Portland's watch chain has been stolen.

    During the night an armed intruder breaks into the Temples' bedroom. Temple disarms him but is knocked out and the man escapes. The next morning Portland's wife appears to say that she has found the watch chain. Paul passes it to Steve asking her to look at the penny which has the wrong sovereign on the front and too late a date on the back to have been in Portland's pocket when he was 14.....

2: `The Manila'.
    Stella Portland who had recently married Sam discusses events with the Temples. She said that Sam had said that the watch chain was probably his most precious possession.

    The inquest concluded that Sam Portland had died from natural causes. Forbes reported this to Paul. At this point Steve rings Paul to say she has seen the night intruder in Harridges. Paul tells Steve to keep their quarry in view whilst he and Sir Graham race to meet her. When Paul arrives the man recognises him and makes a run for it. He is knocked down by a taxi and killed. He was carrying a suitcase which is subsequently found to contain forged bank notes. The man was Mark Kendall. His diary recorded that he had a meeting that evening with CB at a club called The Manila. Sir Graham arranges for the Temples to visit The Manila through his under cover man there - Archie Brooks. At the club Paul bumps into Greene who introduces him to Moira and her fiancee Chris Boyer.

    Brooks tells the Temples that he is known as Chunky. They invite Chris Boyer and Moira to join them. Boyer (CB?) denies knowing any Mark Kendall. Steve gets a phone call from Kelly who warns her that Temple should keep out of the Madison case. The Temples leave and they find a body in their car. It turns out to be Chunky Brooks who has been stabbed. In his dying breaths he tells Paul that he was the CB who had an appointment with Mark Kendall. Under the body Paul finds an old penny with a hole drilled in it...

3: `Eileen'.
    This episodes opens in Temple's flat the next morning, Sir Graham Forbes is there. Forbes informs Paul that Chunky Brooks was an undercover man assigned to watch the club. Inspector James arrives to report on the investigation of the murder. Paul accompanies James on a visit to Chunky Brooks' flat. On the way whilst leaving Temple's apartment they meet Dr Elzec who
has rented the flat above Paul's. Whilst in Brook's flat the telephone rings. James answers pretending to be Brooks. Someone called Eileen tells James that something was to happen tomorrow night. She then hangs up guessing that she wasn't talking toBrooks.

    The next morning the Temples are having breakfast when Greene arrives. He invites them to spend a weekend with him at his country mansion. Paul quizzes Greene on the reason for this invitation and the latter states that Moira won't come unless Paul is there. He also says that Moira has been afraid for several weeks of being murdered. Paul and Steve arrive at 'Brown Acres'. Already there are Stella Portland and Kelly. Greene introduces Paul to his wife Eileen...

4: `Hubert Greene Entertains'.
Moira and Chris Boyer join the group. Over drinks Kelly tells them he was once a knife thrower in a circus. Eileen shows the Temples to their room. Paul asks her if she knew Chunky Brooks. She initially says no but on hearing of the murder she admits that Brooks was a friend of hers and it had been Eileen who had rung the flat when Inspector James and Temple had been there. Eillen promises to return that night and tell them her story.

    Paul receives a call from Sir Graham who informs him that Dr. Elzec is really a man called Wilderhof who is mixed up in counterfeiting. Later Paul confides to Steve that he had arranged for Sir Graham to ring him in the hopes that the conversation would be overheard.

    Paul and Steve join the others for dinner. Moira comes in drunk and accuses someone present of killing her friend Chunky Brooks. Eilleen escorts Moira to bed. Late that night Paul and Steve are still awaiting the arrival of Eileen. Paul answers a knock on their door to discover Hubert Greene there. He tells them that his wife has disappeared. There is a thud from the door. Paul finds a knife sticking in it pinning a message. The note says 'The Boat House'. Paul and Greene investigate the boat house on the lake. By the light of a torch Greene notices a hand in the water...

5: `Concerning Steve'.
    Temple investigates and finds Eileen in the water - dead. Hubert Greene is very upset. Paul then calls in the local CID. The next morning Sir Graham and Inspector James arrive as this case appears linked to the murder of Brooks. Paul asks Kelly if the knife which had been thrown at his door in the night was one of Kelly's throwing knives. Kelly admits that it was - he had 4 with him one of which was missing. The Scotland Yard men cross examine Moira and throw doubt on her supposed visit to the local pub on the previous evening. Paul doubts that she was drunk when she accused someone of killing Brooks.

    The Temples arrive back at Eaton Square - they meet Dr Elzec in the lift. Sir Graham later calls to see Steve. He explains that a man called Dordrecht who is suspected of being linked to the counterfeit racket is travelling by air from Amsterdam to London. Forbes asks if Steve will try to pick up Dortrecht and tail him. Steve agrees much to Paul's chagrin. The ruse works and the Police trail Steve and the Dutchman as they take a car from their hotel. The Police lose the trail and Paul insists on joining Sir Graham. Eventually the police find the car they are seeking. From the radio Paul learns that it had stopped at a cabin cruiser on the Thames. It is reported that someone is being carried onto the boat. Paul realises that Steve must be unconscious or dead...

6: `Just a Red Herring'.
    This episode opens with Steve regaining consciousness on the cabin cruiser. She remembers that Dortrecht must have doped her with some coffee. Aboard with Dordrecht is a man called Bennett and Dr Elzec. Dortrecht says that he thinks she is a plant. Elzec recognises her as Mrs Temple. Elzec threatens to make Steve talk when they reach the cottage. At this point they
hear a commotion up on deck - the police have raided the boat.

    Temple grabs an overcoat to cover his wife as she waits on the shore. Elzec, Dortecht and Bennett are locked in the cruiser's cabin. Suddenly there is a large explosion - a time bomb aboard the vessel explodes.

    The following morning back home Paul is reading about the events in the newspaper. Bennett and some police were found dead. Elzec and Dordrecht had not yet been found. They receive a call from Moira. She says she is not involved in the murders she is just a red herring. They arrange to meet that night at the Manilla Club. At this point Kelly turns up. He says he
thinks he is being framed for Eileen's murder. He produces a brooch which he claims he found near the lake where Eileen was murdered. He says that he thinks it belongs to Moira. He too states that he is just a red herring.

    Paul visits Sir Graham at Scotland Yard. He reports on the brooch. Sir Graham tells Temple that Dortrecht was found dead. Elzec has still not been accounted for. Hubert Greene arrives. He recalls that Boyer had said something to his wife on the night she had died - about meeting later. Temple shows him the brooch but Greene does not recognise it.

    At the Manila Club Moira does not show up on time. Stella Portland is there. On seeing the brooch she grabs it saying it belongs to her. She tells Paul that Moira borrowed a pair of such brooches on the night when Eileen was murdered. Paul and Steve leave Stella and then bump into Boyer. He tells them that Moira wasn't at the club tonight. He tells Temple that he is not
mixed up in the Madison affair - he is just a red herring...

7: `Four Suspects'.
    Paul receives a telephone call at the club from Sir Graham. He reports that Moira is dead. Temple learns from Boyer that he had last seen Moira that afternoon. He had broken his engagement to her. He tells Paul that both he and Greene were at one time actors. Sir Graham arrives and tells them that Moira's death was suicide. Boyer tells them that Moira had acted very strangely of late. Whilst with her she had received a phone call from Stella. Sir Graham asks Boyer to find Stella for him. Forbes then informs the Temples that it appears that Stella visited Moira later in the afternoon. He says there are 4 suspects : Stella Portland, Hubert Greene , George Kelly and Chris Boyer. On questioning Stella, Forbes is informed that she had not seen Moira for several days but she admitted phoning her in the afternoon.

    Back at their flat they find Kelly - beaten up. He states that an unknown assailant attacked him in the lift to Paul's flat. Kelly said he was coming to see Paul to apologise for trying to implicate Moira with the brooch. The phone rings - it is Elzec from the upstairs flat badly injured - he says on the night Madison double crossed him he was going to the cottage in Lockdale. Rushing upstairs Temple and Kelly find Elzec dead.

    Giving Charlie the day off Paul welcomes inspector James. Steve says goodbye and Paul reminds her about something he has already arranged. James reports on progress on the Elzec murder. He has not found the cottage at Lockdale. Kelly arrives. The inspector leaves unnoticed. Whilst talking to Kelly Steve rings up for Paul who arranges to help her with her car and leaves Kelly alone in the flat for 45 minutes.

    Paul returns with Steve and Kelly leaves. Paul then receives a phone call from Greene who says he has received a note from Paul asking him to come round this morning. Paul denies all knowledge of this and invites Greene to come round at 9:00 pm. Then the door bell rings. Stella appears telling Paul she wants to explain why Moira committed suicide.

8: `Introducing Madison'.
    Stella tells them that Sam Portland's story about his loss of memory was true. Some months ago Chris Boyer told Moira that he had discovered Sam's identity. Sam was the son of Clint Dawson a swindler who had left England to avoid arrest. Boyer had letters from Dawson to his wife. In one he mentions the penny. Boyer blackmails Moira. To prevent the knowledge that Sam's father was a swindler coming out she pays him. In the end Moira asks Boyer to contact her father. So he pretends that a private investigator called Madison has found the information. If Sam hadn't died then Boyer would have blackmailed him.

    Moira changed the penny to make it more difficult to relate Sam to Dawson. Stella produced the original penny. It has a faint inscription : 'To my son , Good Luck CD' . The date was probably the date of Sam's birth. Paul hands the penny back and states that he now knows who Madison is. Sir Graham phones Paul to say that James has found the cottage at Lockdale. Paul arranges to meet them at the Graveney Lock. They investigate the cottage and find Boyer with a suitcase. Paul throws the case down a well where it explodes.

    Back in his flat Paul persuades Steve to go to bed early. Charlie is still out. Greene arrives. Paul says he knows Greene is Madison. When he left the flat when Kelly arrived that morning he had a hidden tape recorder which recorded a conversation between Kelly and Greene when Greene arrived. Greene pulls a gun. Steve appears and Greene makes them hold their hands
high against the wall. Greene outwits the surrounding Police cordon by taking to the roof. From a quote from Othello used by Greene, Paul guesses that the former is making for 'Brown Acres'.

    Paul, Steve , Forbes and James race to Greene's country home. Greene makes for the lake where on being discovered he shoots himself.

    Paul ties up the loose ends by explaining that Greene was the head of the counterfeiting racket. On learning of Sam's ancestry he took up blackmail as well. He killed Chunky Brooks and placed a penny under the body as a false lead. He killed his wife to prevent her talking. Kelly tried to save her by throwing the knife and message at Paul's door in the night. He told Kelly to pick up the suitcase at the cottage which supposedly contained counterfeit money. Kelly was wary and asked Boyer to collect it. Kelly and Boyer were keen to be cut in on the counterfeiting profits.

Prepared by STEVE DALY
Formatting & pictures scanned by Greg Marshall. 17 July 2000.
NOTE: On July 29 2000 - A few minor typographical errors corrected. (Greg)
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